At Derr Law Firm, our team is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and resolve the burden and uncertainty that are frequently encountered in a family law dispute.

Our professionals are able to help you regardless of how your case is likely to be resolved.  We embrace collaborative law, but this approach is simply not right for every case.  If your case is filed through the court system, we will make every effort to use common sense, reasonable positions, and tools such as a strategic, well-prepared mediation to help keep money in your accounts and the decisions in your hands.  And, if your case must go to the judge, we will be ready to advance and litigate your case in court.  

Most importantly, we will listen to you and learn about your specific goals, circumstances, and family.  As trusted advisors, we will help you select the best avenue to bring closure to your case.  We understand the pros and cons of collaborative divorce and contested cases.  Rely on our experience to help achieve your best outcome, as quickly and cost effectively as you can without sacrificing results.